Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship around the world?

We are only shipping within the United States at this time.

There are rare occasions where we cannot deliver to your address (So far: air force bases, PO boxes).  You will be notified via email if we cannot ship to your address and will provide a full refund or request new address.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Absolutely not! All shipping expenses are already paid for on our behalf.  The price you see on our web page, is the only price that you pay.

How long does it take for my order to ship out?

    Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your order to be processed and shipped out.  Due to high demands, there may be a chance of a delay, but we will do our best to get your items out within the promised time frame.

    Once it has been shipped, you will be notified via email with your tracking information.

    When can I expect to receive my order after shipment?

    Once your order has been shipped, the estimated delivery time will be 4-7 days.

      Most postal services are not working on Sundays therefore should be excluded out when determining the amount of days of delivery. 

      COVID-19 Update:

      Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, please expect additional delays beyond our expected time frames above.  (As of June 17, 2020 - if there are any delays, it will only be 1-2 extra days).

      These time frames are approximated when businesses and shipping couriers (such as your local post office) are functioning in a stabilized manner. 

      We do not have any control over how fast your local post office can receive, handle, and transport your package as they may have certain systems set in place to preserve the safety of their employees. 

      We thank you for your understanding, and rest assured we will keep you up-to-date about your order, every step of the way until it lands right onto your front door step. 

      Lastly, we hope you stay as safe as possible during this period of time! 🙏

      What you may expect during delivery

      In the unlikely event that your package will take longer than our expected times of delivery stated above, you will be notified via email.

      If you find any inconvenience during this period of time, please contact us at and we will do our absolute best to preserve your satisfaction

      Depending on the quantity of items you have ordered, we will need to send your items in separate packages only if we cannot fit all items into 1 package.

      Please do not be alarmed if you do not receive all of your items at once and feel free to contact us at for additional tracking numbers for your order (if you did not already receive it).

      Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

        Most items can be delivered to P.O. Boxes, however, there are some size limitations. 

        Can I cancel or change my order?

        We allow up to 24 hours from the date your order is placed to cancel or make any changes to your order. 

        Please understand that we are not responsible for any orders that fail to deliver due to wrong address input, and will not be able to cancel any orders after 24 hours your order has been placed. 

        When/how do I get my tracking numbers for my order?

        As stated above, it may take up to 5 business days from the date your order is placed to fully process and ship it out. 

        Once shipped out, we will notify you via email with a tracking number.

        If you did not receive an email with your tracking number, please contact us at

        How do I track my order?

        You may track your order at anytime through our order tracking page.  You will need your order number and e-mail address.

        If you are still having issues with order tracking, please contact our support desk at, and we will do our best to help you out! 

        I received my tracking details, but it doesn't show any movement, what should I do?

        Often times the shipping companies can experience a delay with providing up-to-date and proper tracking information.

        Please understand that we do not have any control over how fast your local post office can receive, handle, and transport your package as they may undergo unexpected difficulties during the process. 

        If you are still concerned about your tracking information, please notify us at and we will provide further assistance. 

        What should I do if the tracking page shows my item was delivered, but I never received it?

        We are so sorry for the trouble!

        We always recommend checking around your property or with neighbors to ensure your package was not misplaced.  

        If after checking and you were unable to recover your packages, please contact your local post office and provide them with your tracking number.

        Please contact us at if you need further assistance on this matter and we will provide the best solution that we can. 

        Often times we will be able to resend the package if it was returned to our warehouse due to an error on the mailing address, or if the mailman was unable to deliver the package properly. 

        If the package is still lost despite contacting your local post office and not having received your package in our warehouse, then we may also provide another replacement to be sent out to your location at a reduced cost

        I ordered multiple items but not all of them arrived at once, where is the rest of my order?

        Depending on the weight of the items ordered, we may need to separate each item into its own individual package in order to remain compliant under the weight requirements by the shipping couriers. 

        We will provide you with additional tracking numbers for your order if necessary. 

        If we have not provided additional tracking numbers for your order or you need further assistance, please contact us at

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