FAQs: Ordering & Orders

Do you have any other payment providers?

Not at this time.

 I placed an incorrect order or ordered too many, what do I do?

Send us an e-mail immediately and we will adjust it for you.

 I was charged at checkout, why is that?

Some companies process payments once the item(s) are sent out.  Our systems run the payment at the time of check out.  If you do not agree with this, please do not place an order.  If you are reading this afterwards, please request a cancellation of your order.

I need to change the address on my order:

Please e-mail us within 24 hours of placing your order so we can update the shipment address.

When will my order be processed?

Most orders take us 3-5 days to process.  Once they are processed and mailed out, we will e-mail you a confirmation e-mail which will include a tracking code.



Do you offer expedited/faster shipping for the 20-30 day delivery products?

If you contact us within 24 hours of your order, we can upgrade your order for $18 more per item and ship as DHL.  The average time of delivery with DHL has been 5-8 days.  We do not include this option at checkout for various reasons.

Can you push my order through sooner than 3-5 days?

To make it fair, we require 3-5 days so we can process the orders in which they were received.



Do you ship outside the US?

Not at this time.  We only ship within the United States.

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